Get to Know Us

Anna and Sarah met in 2012 at Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy (RLT) Level I training. Over the course of the last nearly 10 years, they have had the opportunity to train together, work together, and laugh (a lot).

Sarah and Anna completed their certifications as RLT therapists following years of rigorous training. As more senior RLT therapists now, they were offered an opportunity to train to provide the core of relational living-The Essential Relationship Skills Bootcamp. With complimentary, but different skills, Anna and Sarah discovered working together to offer the bootcamp provides participants with a depth of experience that is unique to their particular styles.

What People Say

“I just want to reiterate how excellent of a job Anna and Sarah did; they were both effective, compassionate and welcoming.”

T.K. Bootcamp Participant

“Anna and Sarah were amazing!”

S.Z. Bootcamp Participant

More about Sarah and Anna


Like you, I have needed to learn how to do the work of being in a healthy relationship.  I have been married for 21 years and have 2 children (12 and 15).  Our family has had many phases-the one I am currently navigating requires skills necessary to be in relationship with a tween and teen.  It requires work indeed!

I grew a private practice from one client a week in 2012 to a full-time business.  When I started, I had no training in working with couples.  A colleague introduced me to Terry Real’s Relationship Grid, and I was sold.  I have been training with Terry Real (and others) ever since.  I have also worked at The Emily Program and early on with older adults. 

When I am not at work, I am an avid plant lover and grower. I enjoy walks with my family and our two dogs. I am frequently engaged in remodeling the house, as well as enjoying music, friendship, and meditation with my husband and kids. 


Learning how to build and sustain healthy relationships has been the journey of my life, and not always an easy or straightforward path. It was life changing for me to build on the personal work I was doing when I started studying with Terry Real in 2012, and it is an honor for me to pass along what I have learned to the couples in my practice and through teaching the relational skills in bootcamps.

Over the course of my career I have focused on relationships-whether through my private practice, in my earlier work at The Emily Program, or in-home therapy with vulnerable families. I am fundamentally focused on systems and the way they impact our lives. I love working with folks to explore these relationships and find new paths.

My life is full and busy with full time private practice, 3 kids (ages 18, 12, and 10), an awesome partner, and a pure bred mutt that keeps us all on our toes. I love to consume clever content through books, podcasts, and movies, find peace through yoga, spend time with my good friends, attend lots of local music shows, and play outside whenever possible.